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Now, say there was some text, “Welcome to the Apple Store.” At times, that text may fit perfectly well in the available space.For others, it may be too long and it’d be desirable to shorten it to something like “Welcome." Our solution is to allow developers/localizers to provide different width-variations for a string in a stringsdict file, the same file meant for different cardinalities (“1 file is selected” vs. The -[NSBundle localized String For Key:value:table:] method reads the stringsdict file and creates an NSString that knows about the different variations.English Slides for my talk originally given at Developer Week 2014 in Nuremberg, Germany.It covers internationalization and localization of mobile applications, using i OS as an example platform.

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Starting with i OS 9 certain strings (ones with a suitable length and encoding) on 64 bit architectures will now be tagged pointers. Similarly to the OS X targets, passing a tagged NSString to CFString Get CString Ptr or CFString Get Pascal String Ptr or CFString Get Characters Ptr will always return NULL.

If an object can be weakly referenced notifications will no longer be sent to the observer during deallocation; the previous behavior of receiving notifications during dealloc is still present in the case of non-weakly zeroing reference observers.

Block based observers via the -[NSNotification Center add Observer For Name:object:queue:using Block] method still need to be un-registered when no longer in use since the system still holds a strong reference to these observers.

It effectively “preserves the magic.” NSString API exposed in NSBundle: For strings with width variations, such as from a stringsdict file, this method returns the variant at the given width.

If there is no variant at the given width, the one for the next smaller width is returned.

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It’s a joke and, as we all know, people like people who make them laugh. I can fix your computer, landscape your backyard and probably even hotwire your car, but, for some reason, Ti Vo programming seems to elude me as well. Playing it safe is fine, but if an attractive person has dozens, if not hundreds, of options, you need to shake things up a little bit to break through the clutter. Interesting piece, which I’ll have to parse at length when I have the time…but it leads me to throw out a theory I’ve been kicking around.

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*Please note that there will be mandatory bag checks at the entrance.

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A visit to the most famous leisure area of Austrians – Nationalpark Donau-Auen that has more than 5000 species of animals and birds will definitely give you lots of pleasure.